Pješčana uvala

th_4Pjescana uvala (sandy cove) is a modern settlement, established only thirty years ago. It was discovered by bathers who became captivated by the naturally sandy beach which dominates the area between two peninsulas, hence the name of the town. Sailors have also settled here, seeking a safe place for their vessels during storms. All of the prerequisites for the establishment of a modern residential settlement existed.

Pjescana uvala has 350 residents, and it is characterized by modern architecture to suit man`s needs. Along path winds below the town along the beach, dotted with numerous restaurants, taverns, stores and pastry shops. There is also a doctor`s office and a beauty parlour. The town is given its picturesqueness by the marina, where yachts are available for rent. Many private rooms and apartments provide a good selection for your pleasant stay.

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