th_picture 009Medulin, antique Mutila, is a town with 1700 residents and a long, luxurious and indented coastline which is encircled by a ring of small islands. Today Medulin is known, as a tourist center which, along with hotels, and campgrounds, offers an exceptional number of rooms and apartements in private houses.

Medulin Everything is directed toward tourism. Medulin has a bank, a post office, a medical clinic for tourists, a florist, wine-cellars, barber shops,numerus stores, goldsmiths, souvenir shops, vegetable markets and more. The pillar of tourism in Medulin is sports: tennis, football, mini golf, bowling, boccie, beach volleyball, horseback riding. There are schools for surfing, diving, sailing, horseback riding and water skiing. There are also rental services for motor boats,canoes, peddle-boats, scooters, bicycles and motorcycles.

Young people know Medulin for its popular night clubs, while those who like live music and all dance rhythms gather at the numerous terraces. Medulin is also known for its quality classical music concerts during the summer months, while its approximately forty restaurants are real challenge to gourmands, whether its modern, traditional, seafood, meat or vegetarian cuisine.

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